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Devon Waste Management is Devon’s largest independently owned waste management company. 

We are leaders in the field of non-hazardous waste recovery, reuse and recycling, handling more waste than any other privately-owned provider in Devon. Devon Waste Management manages public sector contracts, while Coastal Recycling handles commercial and residential customers.

Our services

Domestic refuse for recovery and recycling

Once Northern Devon’s 85,000 tonnes of household waste has been collected from kerbsides, it is delivered to our Deep Moor site. This waste is processed to take out as much recyclable material, before the waste goes to landfill. We also accept private deliveries of domestic waste for disposal.

Asbestos disposal

We manage the only operating asbestos cell in Devon. Through us, your legal requirements are met when collecting and disposing of your asbestos securely and legally.

Environmental monitoring

We provide a full environmental monitoring and sampling service to the waste industry. We carry the full range of specialist monitoring equipment required to successfully conduct borehole monitoring, groundwater, leachate, surface water and landfill gas monitoring. We also provide an extensive equipment hire service for operators and consultants undertaking their own monitoring.

Landfill disposal

Our Deep Moor site receives domestic waste and asbestos for landfill, while Kennford receives inert waste for landfill. Both sites also have a Materials Recovery Facility for the recovery of commercial and industrial wastes. Any residual waste left after processing through our commercial recovery service is disposed of on these sites.

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